Week Fourty Three – Renata Daninsky

So finally I finished the painting I started on holiday. I realised the other day that I only had a few more weeks to go!

This is Renata Daninsky aka Peach. For your own sake, she is most certainly not safe for work. Repeate NSFW. Probably not safe for facebook.

If you click on the picture, you will see an proper, uncensored version.


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Week Fourty Two – To Wish

To Wish that your back on holiday, not having to face the daily grind of life. That moment, captured while away that you reminisce over and over. This is one of those moments, caught by me good friend Francis on his holday. It now hangs in his living room, as a reminder to happy times. Enjoy good buddy.

To Wish

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Week Fourty One – Heroic Last Stand

I don’t have a lot of music tastes. What I mean is I don’t have a vast music collection and I’m not really tied to any particular style. That said, in my youth, there were a few select bands that I loved and the music across these bands was varied.

Weiss Heim by Richie Blackmores Rainbow, quoted as a “glorious instrumental”. A mix of very slow rock ballad, with a deep yearning, that’s hard to describe. Go listen, you won’t be disappointed. For me, being a young teenager, it always conjures up the same imagery, an imagery I’ll attempt to share.

Imagine a low hill; the sun is reaching it finale for the day. Standing on the hill is an armoured warrior. Sword in hand he observes what can only be described as the horde of enemy approaching his defended position. Slowly they approach. He will not quaver from his duty. This is the place he will hold. He will not fail. He checks his sword. He checks his armour. He watches as they make slow progression towards him. This will be his finest hour. He readies himself.

As the sun stretches it’s last light towards the horizon his sword swings, and the first foe falls. Striking left, striking right, his foes are struck down with such ferocity and determination. They will not defeat him. The light is fading yet still they come, not one at a time but crowding in, striking at him, determined to relieve him of his position and his life. No ground is made, no ground is lost. His sword is a flurry of steel, a beautiful, shimmering dance of light and dark, astounding to watch, deadly to feel. The ring of fallen grows around him. Then at last, there are no more. The foe is vanquished. The day is won. The battle is over.

Collapsing to his knees he catches his breath. Blood seeps from the open wound. Taking a steady breath, he looks up at the setting sun and knows this to be the last he will ever see. He glances down, the day is done, the light is passed and our warrior is no more, surrounded by the hundred that tried to take him.

Heroic Last Stand

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Week Fourty – Mighty Things May Grow

I was in Speke Hall the other day with my daughter. Whilst she ran around like a lunaticand played on the climbing frame, I took the chance to catch up on some gentle sitting around doing nothing. I was comfortable under an old oak tree and being the right time of year noticed quite a few acorns around. After picking my way through them I brought one home…

From the smallest of things, mighty things may grow.


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Week Thirty Nine – Lake Side

Sod Bob Ross and his happy accidents.

I was following one of my painting books using it as a basis to the extended landscape I had planned for this week. It started with detailing in all the mountains, which I did and took me like an hour or so to get the top mountains beautifully detailed with accurate reflections. Thebook then said “Now mix up a light violet/blue wash and wash it all over the painting, darker in the sky, working down lighter too thewater”.

And I thought “But that will make my details all run?” So like a fool I trusted the experienced artist and washed all over the painting and guess what – a whole bloody hour wasted and the mountians details lost for all time. You can’t remove paint once it’s on, so all I coulddo was paint overwith rough details instead. Sooooo annoyed.

Anyhow this weeks painting is an extended landscape – Lake Side. Oh and some of the reflections don’t fully match, the paper is curled in the corner when I took the picture!


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Week Thirty Eight – Purple Velvet

Bob Ross says there are no mistakes in a painting, only happy accidents. This week was an experiment into a technique for mushing washes together. It’s kind of worked but not exactly what I was hoping for. It therefore looks more like a sketch then a complete painting but time marches on for no man.

Purple Velvet

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Week Thirty Two, Week Thirty Six, Week Thirty Seven – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This is why week thirty six was delayed and it fills in week thirty two which is missing. Three new painting for this week…Mow-wow-wow…

The Good (Wide)

The Bad (Wide)

The Ugly (Wide)

Here is a copy of the unframed images that you can click on to get super big versions.

The Good The Bad The Ugly The Good Text The Bad Text The Ugly Text

And because they are in frames you can have fun arranging them to look at each other, away from each other, on other walls, in other rooms… the combination is almost endless! Like this 😀



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Hey! Where is week Thirty Six?

Well with my general lack of enthusiasm for finishing Week Thirty Two and feeling rather let down by myself for not completing it yet, I"ve decided to paint three pictures over the last/next two weeks. The three pictures where all supposed to be for week thirty six but I struggled to finished them in five lunchtimes.

This will bring me back on track of (on average) one picture a week.

Also these three pictures are part of a set. You"ll understand what I mean.

Week Thirty Five – Lost In The Wind

So a metaller by heart, long hair, goatee beard and a Chris de Burgh fan. Huh, guess you just can’t judge a book by its cover.

This week painting comes as a triple whammy of almost there.

First I’m short on time. This painting took one and a half hours from drawing to signature.

Second the free flow style was inspired by another artist, however it turned out I wasn’t brave enough to experiment that far with this painting… but I will by the end of this year.

Thirdly and mainly, it’s based on “The Tower” by Chris de Burgh, which is a fantasy based tale, where a great lord captures and locks up a beautiful woman. Unable to change his selfish and greedy ways she never loves him, and eventually escapes his grasp (your left with the impression that a bird the Lord shot near the start of the song is the women, who eventually flies away). Only when he’s old and dying does he truly realise how much he loved her and how much she meant to him, but by then, it’s too late. The title comes from the lyrics.

I actually like quite a few CdB songs. In fact I like a lot of songs that tell tales, so I guess that’s why a lot of early Rush made an impression on me. Rush. Hmmm, I need to do a painting….

Lost In The Wind

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