Week Fifty One – Fear the People

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people”.

I was highly entertained* the media a few week ago, when it indicated how our Government and the American Government condemned the Ukrainian Governments treatment of their people, currently protesting about political corruption, vote rigging and political imprisonments. In particular they were quite irate about the methods, where the Ukrainian Government deployed the Police to "Kettle the trouble makers" and use "Crowd controlling and crowd dispersing" mechanism to remove the unwanted peons from the streets so "normal businesses can go about their fat cat making money business".
*Miffed off with

Seriously, do MP"s even consider WTF comes out of their mouths, when only this year OUR government deployed our heavy handed Police force to "Kettle" our countries demonstrating population and "Crowd Disperse" them from the streets of London. Never mind the 2011 Wall Street "Fiddlers" protests where they smashed thier way though protest camps.

Sparks a fury in me, that lead to this weeks picture, V from "V for Vendetta". In a particularly dramatic, "I"m coming to settle the score, you thieving, lying barstools" pose. Gunpowder, treason and plot. I like the way, at least in my mind, is that Guy Fawkes has changed from “the bad dude who our Governments defeated, huzzah!” to “the bad dude that Governments should never forget, when they lie, cheat and steal, they forge”.


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